EU Course Database

Consists all the identified educational opportunities for health journalism.

Technical University Dortmund
Eight-semester BA Course for Science Journalism including two semesters of media internship and two extra semester for MA level
Achtsemestriger BA Studiengang Wissenschaftsjournalismus inkl. Zwei Semester Volontariat und zweisemestriger Masterstudiengang als Aufbau
University Darmstadt
Six-semester international BA Course for Science Journalism
Sechssemestriger BA Studiengang Wissenschaftsjournalismus
Bremen University
Four-semester international Master Course for Specialized journalism and Science Communication
Viersemestriger internationaler Master-Studiengang Fachjournalismus
Bremen University
Seven-semester International Bachelor Course for Specialized journalism including a semester abroad and a one-semester internship
Siebensemestriger internationaler Bachelor-Studiengang Fachjournalismus inKlusive Praxis- und Auslandssemester
Free University of Berlin
Two year master course science journalism
Zweijähriger Masterstudiengang Wissenschaftsjournalismus
Madgeburg-Stendal University
Master of Social and Health Journalism
Master-Studiengang Sozial- und Gesundheitsjournalismus
Brussels University
Master of Journalism with 1 elective course on health journalism
Meester van Journalistiek
VU University Amsterdam
Master in Media and Journalism
Master in Computer Science and Communication
Danube private University
Medical Journalism and public Relations
Medizinjournalismus und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit