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Technical University Dortmund
Institute for Journalism
Emil-Figge-Strasse 50
44221 Dortmund
Tel.: 0231-7554152

Technische Universität Dortmund
Institut für Journalistik
Emil-Figge-Strasse 50
44221 Dortmund
Tel.: 0231-7554152

Eight-semester BA Course for Science Journalism including two semesters of media internship and two extra semester for MA level
Achtsemestriger BA Studiengang Wissenschaftsjournalismus inkl. Zwei Semester Volontariat und zweisemestriger Masterstudiengang als Aufbau

Brief description:
Full-time study programme on science journalism including elective courses on health journalism, health reporting and coverage of health issues in journalism.

Hauptstudium für Wissenschaftsjournalismus mit Spezialisierungsmöglichkeiten für Gesundheitsjournalismus und Gesundheitsberichterstattung.

Duration of programme:
8 semester for BA degree including 2 internship semester
2 additional semesters for MA degree

Language(s) the programme is available:

Pre-requirements of attendance or registration for programme/course:
University Allowance Exam (Abitur) with minimum requirement of grade/mark
German language

Degree, certification or accreditation offered:
BA / MA validated by registered German University

Information on or copy of curriculum of training programme/course:

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Date when information was entered:
May 2011