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Four-semester international Master Course for Specialized journalism and Science Communication
Viersemestriger internationaler Master-Studiengang Fachjournalismus

Brief description:
4 semester MA study programme.
2.500,00 Euro tuition per semester.

Duration of programme:
4 semester

Language(s) the programme is available:

Pre-requirements of attendance or registration for programme/course:
- a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, publishing or a related subject, or:
a degree in an engineering, technology or science-related course with demonstrable experience in journalism, either as a main or side job.

- Credits: 240
- at least one year’s relevant work experience
- good English-language skills

Degree, certification or accreditation offered:
15 ECTS and MA degree after successful completion of course requirements

Information on or copy of curriculum of training programme/course:
In this Master’s course, focus will be put on science and system of science as well as the development of scientific understanding. In addition to the theoretical foundations, students will grapple with the various forms of science in communication in practice.
The study program is designed - in terms of time and organisation - around the requirements and capabilities of the extra-occupational students. There is a 16-day, compulsory attendance time per semester (each lasting a full week, from Saturday to Saturday, at the beginning and the end of the semester).
The program of study for the Master’s in Science Communication spans four semesters, in which 15 ECTS are awarded.

Dieser Masterstudiengang konzentriert sich auf Wissenschaft und das System von Wissenschaft und fördert die Entwicklung eines wissenschaftlichen Verständnisses für Journalisten. Ergänzend zu theoretischen Grundlagen, beschäftigen sich die Studierenden mit verschiedenen Disziplinen der Wissenschaft und der wissenschaftsbezogenen Kommunikation.
Das Studienprogramm richtet sich in seiner Organisationsform an externe Teilzeitstudierende. Pro Semester besteht eine Präsenzpflicht von 16 Tagen, die jeweils eine volle Woche von Samstag auf Samstag umfassen).
Die Studiendauer beträgt vier Semester und erteilt 15 ECTS.

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Date when information was entered:
May 2011