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Final reports of HeaRT project

Final reports of HeaRT project, which officially ended in October 2012, were submitted to the European Commission.

National HeaRT info days

National HeaRT info days attended by a total of around 200 people were organized in all participating countries. More specifically, one-day informational events took place in London and Coventry, UK, in Bucharest, Romania, in Tallinn, Estonia and in Dusseldorf, Germany. In Helsinki, HeaRT was represented during "Occupational Health and Safety Seminar" organized by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) and attended by 600 participants.

The Info days attracted interest of national stakeholders and helped promote the project and establish contacts with associations, journals and public bodies.

  • UK: Coventry (lunchtime) and London (evening), Date: 31 October, 2012
  • Romania: Center for Independent Journalism, Date: 25 October, 2012
  • Finland: The Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre, Date: October 23, 2012
  • Estonia: Tartu University, Date: September 12, 2012
  • Germany: Kneippweg Community Center, Stuttgart, Date: October 26, 2012 and Sudwestrudfunk, Stuttgart, Date: July 18, 2012

Events were attended by health journalists, representatives of state authorities (e.g. National Public Health Institute), representatives of NGOs, health professionals, etc. During the meetings, the project's results were presented, informational material was disseminated and the website and e-learning tool were promoted. The presentations were followed by vivid debates and participants appreciated the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences and expressed their high interest in future similar debates. The events generated media coverage in some countries and details were communicated to several thousand people through Twitter and Facebook.

The final partners' meeting

The final partners' meeting took place on October 16, 2012, in Athens Greece, following the European Health Journalism Conference that was held the previous day. During the meeting feedback on the Conference was given by all partners, and remaining dissemination, evaluation and managerial issues were discussed. Most importantly, ideas for continuing and exploiting the project were exchanged among partners.

European Conference on Health Journalism, October 15, Athens, Greece

Τhe European Conference on Health Journalism, one of the milestones of the HeaRT dissemination strategy, was held in Athens, Greece in October 15, 2012.

Around 110 health journalists from 12 countries in Europe attended the Conference. Among the presenters and chairs were representatives from the European Commission and academics. Participants warmly welcomed proposals to incorporate in curriculums of accredited and other journalism courses at universities and colleges basic skills and knowledge of health reporting. Additional papers and contributions from leading health journalists in the USA, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Romania, UK and Portugal followed the opening introductions which outlined the work of the six partner organisations in the HeaRT project.

The conference was considered a success that also raised the question of how to build on the work that has already been accomplished. The HeaRT project team has agreed to investigate ways of continuing the project, hopefully widening its reach to new countries, adding new training materials, and developing the first-ever book on health journalism in Europe, to be published next summer.

The conference generated media coverage, including interviews and articles, and was also communicated through twitter.

European Conference on Health Journalism, October 15, Athens, Greece

The Institute of Preventive Medicine, Environmental & Occupational Health, Prolepsis, on behalf of the Health Reporting Training (HeaRT) project, is organizing a European Conference on Health Journalism in Athens, Greece, on Monday October 15, 2012.

HeaRT project was set up to address the shortage of specialist training courses on health journalism across Europe. In this context, this conference aims to address some of the key issues in health journalism and health journalism training. We will briefly present our research, our findings, and outline the training modules that have been developed by the project team to address the issues identified by journalists as those they wished to discuss. We will also report on the progress of the training packages delivered in each partner country.

Call for contributions

Interested participants are invited to contribute to this conference by giving a brief presentation on any of the following themes:

• Health journalism training – gaps, needs and opportunities
• News coverage of health issues
• Medical research and science in the news
• Reporting on issues such as business and economics of health care, health policy, health care quality and performance
• Global health coverage
• Public health in the media – consumer and lifestyle health
• Multimedia reporting – the role of new media in health reporting
• Conflict of interest

A summary of the topic you would like to address (up to 200 words) should be sent to Afroditi Veloudaki

The HeaRT project, initiated by the Athens-based organization Institute of Preventive Medicine, Environmental and Occupational Health, Prolepsis, brings together a combination of knowledge and expertise from Germany, Romania, Great Britain, Finland and Estonia. Public health organizations and universities worked together with journalism and media universities and organizations over two years to research the current levels of training and future training needs, to develop and deliver short courses to help fill in the gaps in specialist knowledge in each country in its own language.

The concluding 1-day conference will take place in Athens, at the Acropolis Museum on Monday, October 15. This conference also builds on the first-ever European conference of health journalists, held in Coventry University, England, in June 2011, attended by 60 journalists and academics from 14 European countries.

4-day Workshop on Health Journalism

The Institute of Preventive Medicine, Environmental & Occupational Health, Prolepsis, on behalf of the Health Reporting Training (HeaRT) project, is organizing a 4-day workshop on Health Journalism in Athens, Greece on 27-30 September 2012. The workshop will be held in Greek. Please find below more detailed information.

Information on the Workshop (Greek)

Programme (Greek)

Participation Form (Greek)

4th partners meeting in Bucharest

Partners will meet in Bucharest, Romania

3rd partners meeting in Madrid

Partners will meet in Madrid, Spain, on November 19-20 to discuss and work on the training tools' methodology.

EU Health Journalists' survey

HeaRT partners are conducting a short scale survey with journalists covering health topics around Europe. The aim is to explore and better understand health journalists' needs concerning specialized training, as well as their perceptions and difficulties when reporting on health. Results of the survey will soon be available.

Partners 2nd Meeting

HeaRT consortium met for the project's 2nd meeting in Coventry, United Kingdom, on June 22, 2011. During the meeting, partners presented results from the literature reviews conducted in each country. Progress of the work plan and next steps were discussed. All partners participated to the "Health in the Headlines" Conference that followed on June 23 and 24. HeaRT project was presented and received much interest from health journalists, researchers and other professionals specialized on health journalism.

Health in the Headlines - A European conference on health journalism

This 2-day conference has been jointly organised by the Association of Health Care Journalists and Coventry University, and is open to health journalists and editors from all sections of the news media, as well as public relations professionals, interested academics, health professionals, and students.

Keynote speakers include:

• Trudy Lieberman, immediate past president AHCJ (US)
• Dr John Lister, Senior Lecturer in Health Journalism, Coventry University
• Dr Muiris Houston (Ireland)
• Gianluca Bruttomesso (Member of Unamsi, the National Union of Italian Medical Writers)
• Kalipso Chalkidou (International Director, National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence, NICE)
• Afroditi Veloudaki (Greece: Director of HeaRT Health Reporter Training project)
• National speaker (tbc) from National Union of Journalists

Register online here

Kick off meeting

The kick off meeting was held in Düsseldorf, Germany.

For more information contact the project management team:

Afroditi Veloudaki, MA, Project coordinator

Dina Zota, MSc, Researcher

Elena Dimitrakopoulou, MA, Communications specialist