The HeaRT partnership comprises of 6 Partners from 6 countries. A consortium of institutions and organizations from the medical and communication fields was created to fulfill in the best way the HeaRT's aims and objectives.

Main Partner:

• Institute of Preventive Medicine, Environmental and Occupational Health, Prolepsis - Greece

Associated Partners:

• Coventry University, United Kingdom
• University of Tartu, Estonia
• Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Finland
• University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, Germany
• Center for Independent Journalism, Romania

Ιn a total of 6 institutions (Scientific non-profit organizations, research, academic institutions and media organizations) participating in the consortium, 3 come from the medical and the public health fields and 3 belong to the world of media and communications. This composition ensures that the partnership has the necessary skills to realize all described activities: research, development and application of tools. Furthermore, geographically diverse areas of EU are represented, greatly facilitating comprehensive recording of the needs and situation.

During the lifetime of the project, the University of Minho in Portugal and the Asociación Nacional de Informadores de la Salud (ANIS) in Spain contributed to specific project activities.