The Project

HeaRT Outline

The project is organized in 7 work packages (WPs) with a total duration of 2 years.

Four vertical Work Packages compose the project's technical base:

Work Package 1: "Health Journalism Education in Europe"
Lead partner : FHD, Germany

Specific objectives:
• Record health journalism educational and training opportunities across Europe including courses and degrees at all levels (undergraduate, post graduate, continuing education), formal and informal seminars, workshops and conferences.
• Explore needs and gaps.
• Identify training and educational methodologies including validation criteria of existing programs.

• Download WP 1 Research Report

Work Package 2: "Reporting Health in Europe"
Lead partner : UMinho, Portugal

Specific objectives:
• Present the situation concerning health reporting in EU through a literature review and a journalists' survey.
• Describe and understand how health is reported in EU media and what are journalists' beliefs on their need for health reporting (e.g. needs, limitations, mostly/under-reported issues, sources of information, frequency of health stories, effect of health reporting on attitudes and decision making concerning health, health journalism education, qualification criteria for health journalists).

• Download WP 2 Research Report

Work Package 3: "Health Journalism training methodology"
Lead partner : COVUNI, UK

Specific objectives:
• Offer an educational methodology that will lead to new training tools on health reporting for journalists.
• Describe the fundamentals and necessary ingredients for developing the educational tools.

Work Package 4: "Development & application of the educational tools"
Lead partner : PROLEPSIS, Greece

Specific objectives:
• Develop and pilot test new training tools for journalists on health reporting
• Organize 4-day workshops in different EU countries and languages for journalism students/professionals & other parties.

Three horizontal Work Packages:

Work Package "Evaluation"
Lead partner : CIJ, Romania

Specific objectives:
• Ensure that the project is being implemented as planned, as well as assess processes, quality and impact on the target group.
• Improve the products that can be used by the target group in their professional practices and enhance the impact.

Work Package "Dissemination"
Lead partner : PROLEPSIS, Greece

Specific objectives:
• Raise awareness on the importance of journalism for health.
• Promote training opportunities to improve health reporting.

The dissemination plan will include a website; leaflets; newsletters; press releases to local/national media; participation in conferences and scientific publications; EU Conference; Info Days; informal networking, strengthened by the project's participatory character.

Work Package "Management"
Lead partner : PROLEPSIS, Greece

Specific objectives:
Ensure effective scientific and administrative coordination, by:
• creating necessary conditions for successful cooperation and results.
• supporting and supervising the technical and scientific work performed.
• managing administrative and financial issues.