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Introducing the HeaRT Project

HeaRT is a 2-year Leonardo da Vinci, Grundvig and Dissemination project, launched in November 2010 and co-funded by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency.

The general objective of the HeaRT project is to develop high quality vocational training tools offering knowledge & skills to journalists so as to improve health reporting in the EU.

Based on critical review of health journalism education opportunities around Europe, comprehensive review of existing knowledge and original research, the project aims to produce & pilot test innovative vocational training tools through:

4-day workshops in all partner countries

online e-learning tool

easy-to-use CDROM for further use by professionals, organizations, academic institutions
Why such a project?

• Health communication is a key strategy to inform the public and maintain health issues on the public agenda (WHO, 1996).

• The majority of journalists lacks specialized health training and may not always understand the complexities of some scientific subjects
(Smith, 2008; Dentzer, 2009).

• Inadequate, misleading or incomplete health coverage can constitute a public health threat (Voss, 2002).

• Journalists may not be well prepared to handle a public health crisis (latest H1N1 crisis example).

HeaRT Target Group

- Journalists

- Media and journalism organizations

- Educational institutions and organizations offering training on journalism and media
HeaRT Outline

The project is organized in 7 workpackages (WPs) with a total duration of 2 years.

The main partner (PROLEPSIS, Greece) coordinates the operational framework and dissemination of results.

Four vertical WPs compose the technical base:
"Health Journalism Education in Europe" (FHD, Germany),
"Reporting Health in Europe" (UMinho, Portugal),
"Health Journalism training methodology" (COVUNI, UK) and
"Development & application of the educational tools" (PROLEPSIS, Greece).

The project is evaluated during a dedicated WP (CIJ, Romania).
HeaRT Implementation steps

1) Research and Review:

Review of the following:

- Health journalism education & training opportunities in Europe
- State of the art report: needs and gaps according to existing literature

Original research among journalists on their background, education, experience, skills, perceptions, barriers and needs

2) Development:

Online database of educational programs on health reporting

Innovative vocational training tools

- 4-day workshops in all partner countries
- easy-to-use CDROM for further use by professionals, organizations, academic institutions

HeaRT website

- online e-learning tool
- discussion forum with experts
HeaRT Partnership

The HeaRT partnership comprises of 7 Partners from 7 countries.

Main Partner:

• Institute of Preventive Medicine, Environmental and Occupational Health, Prolepsis, Greece

Associated Partners:

• Coventry University, United Kingdom
• University of Tartu, Estonia
• Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Finland
• Fachhochschule Düsseldorf, Germany
• Center for Independent Journalism, Romania
• University of Minho, Portugal
HeaRT Meetings

Kick off meeting:
Düsseldorf, Germany, December 13 & 14, 2010
Work Package

Preliminary Date


WP2 22 June 2011
(followed by Health Journalism Conference 23-24/06/11)
Coventry (UK)
WP3 21 November 2011
Braga (Portugal)
WP4 29-30 March 2012
Bucharest (Romania)
Final Meeting 10-11 September 2012
Athens (Greece)
The project is kindly supported for its realization in Greece by Pfizer.
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For more information on the project please contact the Project Management Team:
Afroditi Veloudaki MA, a.veloudaki@prolepsis.gr or Dina Zota MSc, d.zota@prolepsis.gr